Tiger Moth embody World Music and are a World Class Act

Tiger Moth describe themselves as an ‘8-Piece World Gypsy Folk Punk Collective’. They are so much more than even this description. I first saw this Band about a month ago, at a live music night called Aboogaloostic at The Boogaloo in Highgate, London. Intruiged and mesmerised by their music and it’s fusion of styles, I wanted to hear more.

After gigging for a few years (and a few name changes), the band decided on the name Tiger Moth and have most recently become an 8 piece so literally doubling in size. This along with their genre crushing sound, could be described as something of an epiphany.

The music that is performed by Tiger Moth, is composed by it’s founder Tim Hole who also plays guitar and occasionally provides vocals. Other members are Euan Williams on Djembe (and hand held drums), Luke Withecombe on Melodica, Joe Carrol on Bass and Ollie Robertson-Glenn on Violin. Vocals are provided by a trio of female singers that include Ollie’s sister who additionally plays Ukulele, Alice Molan and Ellie Westbrook also on Accordian and Saxophone.

What is impressive is the skilled musicianship from each and every one of their members, but at the same time the ability to make the songs sound effortless with their boundless energy and conviction. The humour and fast paced tempos of many of their songs, sweeps you away along the seven seas, with themes from Pirates to conflict in the Middle East. The authenticity not to mention the story telling, is phenomenonal.

With an album currently being recorded as well as a marching band version of their set, Tiger Moth are definitely one of the most exhilarating, not to mention distinctive Collectives you can see perform today!

Upcoming Gigs:

Thursday Feb 19th – The Kings, Essex Rd N1 2SF

Saturday Feb 21st – Paper Dress, Shoreditch EC2A

Friday Mar 22nd – Good Ship, Kilburn NW6


twitter: @tigermothband


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