Livin la vida loca? Yes of course..I’m a Singer.

Ok life isn’t a grey cloud of gloom, far from it, but sometimes the perception of being a performer and working for yourself is a free, exciting life of glamour ( I can dream). In fact it’s a lot of thinking in the present, what can I do right now. Being a freelance Classical Crossover singer I often find my time consists of being in contact with organisations, musicians and venues I know about possible upcoming performing work. 

Loving what I do is paramount, as I believe loving your ‘work’ is one of the most important things. If you don’t enjoy what you do to earn a living, then if you are in a position where you can, you should be doing something else. Live is too short to be not looking forward to the day ahead and ok things can be hard but I wouldn’t swap it for the world, I’ve always wanted to sing.

As well as performing I also write and review about theatre productions for websites and publications and on this  blog about a range of different arts related topics. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to see varied productions and artists , which is something I love. It also keeps me busy which is great , whether it be watching a show or listening to a new band or artist.

Admittedly I watch Neighbours and more Tennis matches on sky sports than I probably should when time permits, but I do feel lucky that I can watch a Tennis Match and have the TV channels that show them.  When you are a performer I feel it is important to find ways to try and relax if you are getting stressed, such as in my case it’s reading. Currently, I am just in the early stages of reading the Cecelia Ahern book The Year I Met You. To say I love a cup of tea would be an understatement, I absolutely love it!! A good book and a cup of tea to help you relax is a joy to behold.

As it is every easy to do sometimes, I look at others and think their life is glorious, stars and rainbows following them with everything great thing that happens in their life. Of course this is not true and the chances are those same people think the exact same thing about you . The truth is everyone has their ups and downs in life and no one has the ‘perfect’ life as that simply does not exist.

I wanted to write this as I know there are a lot of performers and non performers in the same position as myself, so thought they would find comfort that they aren’t alone. I’m in no way generalising though, this is just my experience I wanted to share. If you are reading this post and can relate, or if you can’t but have found this an interesting read, I would definitely love to hear your views in the comment section below this post.




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