Female DJs London, haven’t you heard?

Founder Tanya Love created Female DJs London after being told repeatedly, the lack of number was the reason for most festivals being headlined by male DJ’s, not to mention the charts and LP’s complied by them. Love described it as a general feeling of “Women DJ’s don’t get a look in..like we don’t exist”

Love decided that it was high time to stand up and take action, the DJ Chart Top 100 having more females in it 20 years ago than it does in the present day.“Its been a delight to meet such incredibly devoted, talented women. Many of whom produce, promote, work in record shops and record labels” Love explains, evidently very passionate and submerged in her industry. 

What strikes me about Female DJ’s is the community that has been created for these talented DJ’s to help promote each other’s career, or as Love aptly calls them “A collective uniting women” in an industry that you very much work as a singular figure.

After organising the biggest showcase event of female DJ’s of it’s kind in London, with 51 female DJ’s it did not receive the coverage from the press that Female DJs London had hoped to receive, with it being rather minimal to say the least. Love simply describes the situation as “This is how it works”.

Unperturbed by this hiccup, they currently have their own show Saturday nights on Soho Radio. The other members of the collective have their own various shows too.

Love’s vision for Female DJs London as well as aspiring female DJ’s : “In the future I want female DJ’s to get more work, better pay, higher profiles, more recognition, sponsorship deals, freedom to be individuals and not expectations to fit to a sexist stereotype to get work..we are DJ’s not porn stars. That’s what I’d like to get across to younger generations coming through.”

This is a bold statement, but is regarding a career that Tanya Love is commited. I’m excited to see the future of Female DJs London with such a strong spokeswoman and innovator.

Soho Radio Saturday’s 7-9pm SohoRadioLondon.com






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