15 Things That Make Me Happy

This list was inspired by the awesome Liz from http://theblogofhappythings.com who wrote a list of things that made her happy, in honour of the International Day of Happiness yesterday. My list is a little different as it will include the 15 things that come to mind, as there are MANY and I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit them all in to one list and plus there are always new things I discover all the time that make me happy! Let me also add the list is not written in order of preference. I would love to read the things that make make you happy too, as I believe when you are having not the greatest of days a list like this will help to give you some comfort and hopefully uplift you in some way.

15 Things That Make Me Happy are as follows:


Drinking Tea 

Watching and Reviewing Theatre Productions 

Spending Time With Friends  

Devouring Korma Dishes 

Listening to Music 

Chocolate ( need I say more?!)

Seeing Artists and Bands Perform Live

Tennis Matches ( being in the crowd and watching from my sofa )

Reading an Amazing Book 

Watching Epic Period TV Dramas with my Mum

Eating Seafood

Reading Articles and Reviews from Fellow Bloggers

Barnamint Baileys Cocktails  

Being close to The Sea

As I said above would love to read a list of some of the things that make you happy, it really makes you smile!


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