It’s Beyond Bollywood And Coming To The London Palladium! 

With the recent surge of Dance extravaganzas pirouetting their way to the West End, I have been especially excited by the imminent arrival of Beyond Bollywood.

Showing at The London Palladium May 8th-June 27th 2015, the run may be short, but will have a long lasting impact. With the dream team of Bollywood’s creative minds being the force behind this Show, it is very promising indeed. Rajeev Goswami has done a triple feat being the Director, Writer and Choreographer of Beyond Bollywood. Lyrics are by Irfan Siddiqui and original score by Salim-Sulaiman.

Including themes of family, self discovery and tragedy, the shows protagonist is a young girl called Shaily Shergill, who by the request of her dying mother, travels from her home in Germany to the family theatre in India. The goal is clear, to revive the theatre to it’s past glory and save it from ruin. To achieve this rebirth, a Show must be staged, a Show that has never been seen before, one that is utterly breathtaking.

The last Bollywood Show to be causing such a flutter in the West End was the Musical Bombay Dreams in 2002, which was produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber and ran for two years until it’s close in 2004. It has taken over ten years for such a high profile Bollywood Show to return to The West End, with a sold out run in Mumbai, the audiences in The London Palladium will soon be bedazzled by Beyond Bollywood too.

Get your tickets now for this spectacular show!


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