Glittering Stars of the Stage..The Actors that I’m eager to see what they do next!

Recently I have seen a crop of actors on stage that have been quite phenomenal. From a range of productions, their performances have varied from sensitive and understated as well as the opposite end of the spectrum and embodying the the essence of physical theatre. I have compiled a list of the actors whose careers I look forward to following:

Eva Noblezada 

Making her West End Debut in Miss Saigon while still in her teens it’s safe to say a star has been born. With a depth and empathy of someone much older in years,her heart wrenching performance as Kim in Miss Saigon has to be one of the best performances by a female lead I have ever had the joy to witness. There is no big surprise that Noblezada is nominated in The Also Recognised Awards for London Newcomer of the Year. It is very clear this is a performer that we will be writing about for years to come.

Alistair Brammer 

This is a leading man who really does lead the way. With a commanding presence in Miss Saigon as GI Chris and past roles including Marius in Les Miserables this actor is very much in demand. Brammer is notably in the concert production of Follies at The Albert Hall in April, which is a tribute to Stephen Sondheim’s 85th birthday. Proceeding roles I would be interested to see him play would be perhaps comical ones, that will show another string to his acting bow.

James Swanton

Swanton is a natural actor. His intricate performances are given with such ease that the dedication to his art form should not be over shadowed! Adapting the Charles Dickens play Sikes and Nancy in to a one man play is certainly remarkable.To be able to slide between acting male and female roles simultaneously so convincingly is just a wonder to be seen.With such originality and great understanding of Acting, the theatre was made for actors like James Swanton.

Katie Brayben

At the forefront of the Actor/Musician wave that has struck the shores of Musical Theatre, Brayben is a real tour de force. As the role of Carole King in Beautiful, which is currently enjoying a successful run in London’s West End, the combination of humility and musical talent make this Olivier Award nominee very compelling. 

Lewis Reeves 

Kevin Elyot’s masterpiece Play My Night With Reg has been one of my theatrical highlights so far of 2015. Reeves plays the young and naive painter and Decorator Eric who has moved to London from Birmingham. What impressed me about Reeves performance, is his comic timing but also subtlety that he displayed too. With such a great performance in My Night With Reg his career is one that holds a lot of promise.

Lorna Want

Such a powerful presence on stage, Want has really put her stamp on the role of Cynthia Weil in Beautiful. Her New York accent was delivered with such authenticity and the character had such a vivacious attitude that it definitely made Want stand out in the show. Want has unsurprisingly been nominated for an Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical for her role in Beautiful.

 Callum Francis 

I saw Francis in the role of John in Miss Saigon last month and was bowled over by his tender and thoughtful portrayal. When he performed Bui Doi I literally couldn’t hide the goosebumps,what a voice! Previously in the Lion King, it was perfect casting of Francis as the alternate John. Possessing a versatility and stunning vocal tone to his singing voice, this makes him an actor to definitely keep on the radar.

Fiona Mikel

I saw Mikel in a play called Ablutions at Soho Theatre, that FellSwoop Theatre had adapted from a novel by Patrick Dewitt. Her versatility as she eased between a handful of characters was done skilfully, most notably the role of You’s exasperated wife. I would love to see her in the future as I believe her acting style would work fantastically well in Shakespeare’s works as she would bring a fresh and honest spin on whatever role she is given.


















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