The Dreamers.. A Heroic True Story From The Nightmare That Was World War I

When I heard about The Dreamers, instantly I felt compelled to write a feature Article about it’s significance. Capturing a period in history that has rarely been adapted for a Musical Production, The Dreamers can definitely be described as innovative. The production tells the story of a World War I Hero Captain David ‘Reggie’ Salomons, who before his tragic demise, led his men in the 1915 battle of Gallipoli. With words and music by James Beeny and Gina Georgio, the powerful score is performed by the Band Virgin Soldiers and a cast of 20 Actors.

Captain David ‘Reggie’ Salomons photo above

As well as the original score, there is also very impressively narration of actual correspondence from those soldiers who fought in World War I by Sir Tim Rice, Amanda Redman and Christopher Beeny. This on screen narration makes The Dreamers something quite exceptional, as it is the sheer foundations for this production. The unity of a cast of both men and women to show that those who fought for their country will not be forgotten is a strong gesture, especially it being the centenary of the Battle of Gallipoli this year.

 Composers James Beeny and Gina Georgio with narrator Sir Tim Rice

After receiving it’s premiere last year, The Dreamers will be performed at St James Theatre for a limited run from 30th June-11th July. I am excited that a new Musical Production as pioneering as this one is playing to an audience at such a renowned London Theatre. When basing a Musical or Play on historical events it is never an easy feat, but with such a profound subject such as War it should be mesmerising. New Music retelling history keeps the fallen Soldiers memories alive. But what especially makes The Dreamers unique, is the music is inspired by true life accounts written by the Soldiers themselves.

The Dreamers will be at St James Theatre 30th June-11th July 2015

Here is a link to Virgin Soldiers (featuring The Dreamers cast) singing ‘The Dreamers Anthem’

Production Photo credit: Linda Blacker


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