One Is Definitely Not The Loneliest Number In Theatre

Some of the most outstanding theatre I have seen have been a one person Show. The sheer skills that an actor has to demonstrate to be in command and carry the production on their shoulders is a true marvel.

Being exposed is a frightening thing whatever the situation might be and none so much as when on a stage. When you are a singer at a concert you most likely have a band or pianist  to accompany your performance. This is definitely a great safety net if you like as a one person show is perhaps you and a backing track or simply if it’s a non-musical show just yourself. Having to create an entire performance based soley on your acting performance is not an easy feat, to put it mildly.

In the example of Linder Productions No Regrets The Life Story and Songs of Edith Piaf, a one woman show performed by Sally Jones the expertise as a performer is very much evident. Magnetic Personality and Talent are the two magic ingredients as one works in conjunction with the other to make a Show a success. This show really let’s the Jones tell stories of the subject as themselves as well as perform music by Piaf ( in the original French). James Swanton’s one man adaptation of Dickens’ Sikes and Nancy is a different type of production all together as he is literally acting numerous roles simultaneously rather than retelling stories and facts, but the level of both productions to keep the audiences interest is very high indeed. Both actors have incredible content to work with in the form of two iconic stories one a biopic and one fictious.

To say a soul is bared on stage is not an exaggeration as to really deliver a wonderful script this has to be done, no questions asked, and no holding back is the name of the game. Whoever has written those lines, whether a playwright or yourself you have to show conviction, as if you don’t believe in what you are doing there is a near hundred percent chance no one else will. 


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