Why Summer 2015 Is A Sizzling Time For Theatre!

Where do I begin… Well are you having a dilema with deciding on what theatre productions to go and see and are not sure if the booking time is expiring on that show you have been ooooing and aaaaahing over for a while? Then the solution is simple, it is called Stagedoor App http://apple.co/1C4IvnY This new free app has been developed for those who create, watch and write about theatre. Including a special feature to follow your favourite creatives in one simple hub, the creators have certainly tapped in to the stage loving consciousness. Summer and far beyond is certainly in very capable hands, with a theatre planner essentially at your finger tips.
 Stagedoor App photo above 

Kinky Boots, Elephant Man and Bend It Like Beckham , these are just some of the productions that are imminently arriving to the West End this summer. With a variety of productions covering a wide spectrum, there is a Show for all tastes. Of course it has been impossible over the last week not to hear the news about Motown The Musical coming to Shaftesbury Theatre in February 2016, which after a phenomenal Broadway run is going to wow London audiences. Motown really is a music genre that contains some of the greatest music ever written in terms of lyrics and melody. Here is the link to a recent article I wrote for London Theate Direct about my top 5 songs from Motown The Musical https://www.londontheatredirect.com/post/604/Motown-The-Musical—My-Top-5-Songs-.aspx This show certainly has caused quite a stir this Summer, with many anticipating 2016 already.

What is getting you hot round the theatrical collar this summer?


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