My Thoughts On…The Offies 


The Offies Award Nominations are interesting as they are continuously compiled as new productions are put forward for consideration. If you were unfamiliar with these awards, they were created by to honour and celebrate productions at independent London theatres (or ‘fringe’ theatres as they are most widely known). The productions nominated have to have had at least ten performances over a minimum of a three week period and be an active member of 

What is particularly engaging, is the theatre or theatre company of the production that they wish to be considered, have to get in touch with to be assessed at a performance of their choosing. This is certainly a clever initiative, as it makes a partnership between the theatre and the awards rather than something official and unattainable, so essentially inclusive of a variety of productions. With the TBC Award for a production that does not fit the standard criteria, The Offies are truly something special to be embraced by all theatre lovers. 

There was much elation to see the cast of My Children! My Africa! at The Tristan Bates Theatre all recently receive Offies 2015 nominations, with Rose Reynolds nominated for Best Female, Anthony Ofoegbu for Best Male and Best Supporting Male for Nathan Ives-Moiba as well as a nod for Best Set Designer for Nancy Surman. The London revival of Athol Fugard’s Apartheid set play was stunning in every sense of the word and has definitely swept the nomination board, and without going in to great detail if there was one production that should be nominated it was this one. My review of My Children! My Africa! for LondonTheatre1 can be found here

It is no exaggeration The Offies are a vital piece of the independent theatre jigsaw that London is so renowned for internationally, and make it something that should be celebrated. With 300 productions being considered over the course of the year at innovative theatres such as Soho Theatre and the Union Theatre, the fringe scene is ruling the waves with it’s calibre of productions.

To cast your vote for the three public voted Offies categories and to have your voice heard, you need to be a subscriber, details can be found along with a full list of the nominations here: 


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