London’s Free Open-Air Theatre Season 2015

  This year London’s Free Open-Air Theatre Season as part of the More London Free Festival, will be running from Wednesday 5th – Sunday 30th August 2015 at The Scoop, More London Riverside, London. Created in 2003, this is Londons only Free Festival for Classical theatre which makes it extremely accessible. Rather incredibly, 10% of the audience attending The Scoop in 2014 had not been to a theatre production previously, so this festival really is introducing theatre to new audiences!

Gods and Monsters Theatre have devised two productions, one slotting in to a family entertainment category  and another that contains more adult content. Both productions are based on the theme of war and how it has been perceived historically. Commited to bringing aincent myths and legends to the stage, Gods and Monsters Theatre believe our future is rooted in the distant past. The two productions that will be performed are as follows:

Captain Show-Off! – adapted from the Roman comedies of Plautus by Phil Willmott, with original music by Theo Holloway, 6pm

Women of Troy – adapted by Lisa Kuma from Euripides’ Trojan War Trilogy, 8pm

Artistic Director of the festival Phil Willmott made these comments:

“This summer London theatre’s liveliest family show and most passionate, poignant drama is once again free for everyone! I’m so proud to be taking the capital’s award winning free outdoor theatre festival into its 13th year with a regular attendance of over 30,000 people, statistically the most culturally diverse audience in the city and with more first-time theatre goers than any other venue enjoying our daring repertoire”

For more information about Gods and Monsters Theatre Company and London’s Free Open-Air Theatre Season 2015, visit their website:


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