Life Is Unpredictable, When It’s Amazing Don’t Forget To Enjoy It!

As a musician, and I think I speak for everyone else on the planet too, when I say when life is going your way embrace it heartily. Sometimes you can get caught up in self induced stress and frozen in a lake of negativity, that you don’t capitalize on what you’ve actually achieved.

Glastonbury Friday night saw the return to the festival of a band that defined a generation, whose music is unique and who rescue cats from trees. Ok the last description isn’t true, but from the great acclaim I read about The Libertines yesterday, this certainly shouldn’t sound too much out of place! This is a band that have had their fair share of highs and lows in the past 12 years with them incredibly parting ways in 2004 before their recent reunion. I think this rekindling of the libertine-mania is an example of really basking in the glory of current success as well as hopefully being prepared for what is ahead. 

When you are performing you can the majority of the time not soak in what you are doing, until you have finished your show or set. From first hand experience it does seem like a blur you don’t have a lot of time to think what you are just do it. If everything in life was just like that the crippling nerves and fear about a range of tasks would be eliminated (I know the absolute dream right?!)

I am guilty of not always appreciating positive things and letting pessimism creep in, but life is unpredictable, there is no denying it. That’s why just go with it and enjoy the calm waters before any rapids.


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