Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me


Made In China return to London with their new show, Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me at Soho Theatre, exposing how we conduct our relationships with an awareness that they just won’t live up to what the movies promised. Yes ladies and gentleman I mean those movies you watch on the sofa, with your chocolate and cup of tea and say out loud ‘wish that was me!’

A woman takes to the stage. A man watches from the wings. They both wonder if their love will survive what’s about to happen. It’s going to be tense! Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me is a physical endurance act that crashes at full speed into an impossibly true love story – and out the other side. Based on the real relationship of founders Tim Cowbury and Jess Latowicki, it touches the heart of our obsession with outlasting hardship. Intimate and startlingly immediate, it defies you to watch in spite of yourself. This play really is a fascinating look at how we perceive relationships!

Although based on the harshness of reality, Cowbury and Latowicki then distance the story from reality and transfer the truth into fiction. The audience aren’t always completely sure if what they are watching is reality. Incredibly honest and comically imagined, this disjuncture is typical of Made In China. Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me forces us to consider how much we can endure – in relationships, in society and in life.

“Not since Forced Entertainment burst on to the scene almost 30 years ago has a company arrived with such a fully formed and distinctive voice” (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian). 

Soho Theatre – 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE Monday 7th – Saturday 26th September 2015, 7pm Press night: Tuesday 8th September 7pm 

Tickets are available from or 020 7478 0100 from £10


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