Life Is A Cabaret (Slightly Maturing) Chum 

Over the last few years Cabaret has seen a resurgence in it’s appeal. To it’s loyal followers who have always seen it’s wonder and treasured place in the arts, hopefully this article about all things cabaret will strike your heart strings like a fine bow. If you are interested to hear a hear a few snippets of info about the genre, keep reading.

First it’s important to clarify Cabaret is theatre, you can’t have a cabaret performance without all the theatrical elements that make it so audience driven. Cabaret leans more towards musical theatre than a play of Shakespearian proportions, with the principle of combining mostly singing, performing instruments and acting. This often includes a monologue/memoir thrown in to the mix that really cements the crowd pleasing nature of cabaret. Singer/Pianists are also very in demand in the cabaret scene, being self contained entities that perform a mixture of repertoire.

What is so exciting about Cabaret, is every performer and show is unique. Whether the performer is a seasoned one or a newbie to the scene that does not matter one bit, of course life experience does make a great performance but some of the most intriguing cabaret artists are a younger generation who seem to muster what experience they do have or simply use their imagination. 

Venues such as The Crazy Coqs or The Hippodrome, both in London, and very contrasting seem to embody this new wave of venues embracing cabaret. Whether larger or smaller seated ones there is a venue to suit every act and audience member. It’s definitely not about size when it’s comes to venue it’s the atmosphere it radiates as somewhere that embraces so many different genres and performer.

Many established performer, in particular musical theatre, give one off or limited run dates (as do most acts) which is sometimes a rare glimpse in to their world with career stories to have you in hysterics, personal strife that will have you in tears and perhaps thought provoking words that will definitely suprise you, whether in song or spoken interjections. 

The musical choices made by the artist is usually what is the most anticipated aspect of a cabaret performance. Depending on the artist and if they write their own songs, the perfect combination is probably a mixture of old favourites and some new gems thrown in there too for some extremely good measure to show the vocal range of the singer.

If you are new to cabaret then it’s defintely recommended as a night of ‘the full package’, an experience that leaves you having an insight in to the performer/s soul, which can be breath taking.


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