Music, Theatre and Review Links Update..


Thought I would write a post about a few exciting things that has been going on in my life recently, that I wanted to share. They are all Arts related so thought you would enjoy reading (if you don’t it’s ok we are still all friends here!).

Theatre Reviewer For What’s Offstage? On Soho Radio

Yes you might have already heard me reviewing a selection of productions on the show on a ten minute segment, if not here is my first show here: I also met the wonderful actress Penny McGhie, who had come in to chat to presenter Nina Davis. Techically this wasn’t my first time on What’s Offstage?, as I was also on the show a couple of weeks back chatting to Nina about myself, choosing tracks and singing to close the show, which I absolutely loved. I will next be back on September 18th, so basically I’m reviewing and reporting on the show every two weeks! Oh and it’s on at 9am-10am every Friday so take a listen, it’s an amazing show!!

A Duologue I’ve written is being filmed and showcased..

Not sure how this happened but I’m very excited, and will have more details for you very soon….

Links to Reviews 

Here are links to some recent Theatre reviews I have written for other various blogs and websites:⭐%EF%B8%8F⭐%EF%B8%8F⭐%EF%B8%8F⭐%EF%B8%8F/⭐%EF%B8%8F⭐%EF%B8%8F⭐%EF%B8%8F⭐%EF%B8%8F/⭐%EF%B8%8F⭐%EF%B8%8F⭐%EF%B8%8F⭐%EF%B8%8F⭐%EF%B8%8F/


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