Ovalhouse Has A FABULISM Autumn Season Ahead!


Slip of Steel’s How does a snake shed its skin?
– an anarchic one-woman show about Margaret Thatcher, Virginia Woolf and Marilyn Monroe. (7th – 10th October) Press night 7 October 7.45pm. 

Dark and Lovely by Selina Thompson which invites you inside the Tumbleweave to explore being black, British and female. (7th – 10th October, 14th October – 17th October) Press night 8 October 7.30pm. 

fanSHEN’s Invisible Treasure (in collaboration with Hellicar&Lewis) which creates an interactive digital playspace where our actions can change everything. This is an electrifying exploration of human relationships, power structures and individual agency. (27th Oct – 14th Nov)

Gary Kitching & Greyscale’s Me and Mr C – the ventriloquist dummy inside your head who sees all you see, knows all you know, hears all you hear and sometimes, if you are very unlucky, tells you what he thinks of it all. (18th – 21st Nov) Press night 19 November 7.30pm. 

then LEAP from Laura Lindow and The Lowry which looks into the almost forgotten past and our attempts to let go. It is a work about how sometimes you have to go backwards in order to move on. It’s about taking a leap. (25th – 28th Nov) Press night 26 November 7.30pm. 



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