Non Zero One Are Interactive At The Other Art Fair!


Other Art Fair from 15th – 18th October 

Non Zero One explore ideas of audience responsibility and make interactive performances that enable participants to become authors of their own experience. By exploring how interactivity works in different settings they are able to engage with those uninitiated in theatre, not just experienced theatre-goers.

They will be performing Untitled (audio with pen) at The Other Art Fair which is an audio-based piece where participants are told nothing of what they are going to do. Instead, while queuing for the fair, they are asked whether they are curious. They are then drawn slowly in, having to continually question how far they want to involve themselves and being encouraged to go beyond the traditional boundaries set for both theatre and art fairs.

The choice to perform at The Other Art Fair was made due to a shared interest in bringing new audiences into the arts and breaking the traditional rules of art and theatre settings. Like non zero one, The Other Art Fair brings a new approachability to art, allowing direct interaction with the artists themselves.



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