Invisible Treasure To Be Seen By All!

Ovalhouse, 52-54 Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW

Tuesday 27th October – Saturday 14th November 2015 Press day: Wednesday 28th October, 1:30pm and 7:30pm

Press Release: 

 No actors. No plot. But there’s you. And maybe that’s enough.

Invisible Treasure is an interactive digital playspace. Through cutting-edge sound, sensor and projection technologies, players are immersed in the narrative and taken on an explosive journey through seven levels of unreality.
Within the microcosm of this videogame-like realm, the dynamics of human relationships are key. How do we progress when there is no clear leader or set of rules? 

Provoking questions about individual agency, power and control, Invisible Treasure explores how we interact with the world around us, when so much of it is beyond our field of vision.

Creator and Director Rachel Briscoe comments: Invisible Treasure is all about the invisible systems – the internet, electricity, the financial markets – that shape our lives, and how we react to them. There’s no actors – we want audiences to locate power in themselves and each other, rather than this other class of person. 

We are really excited by all the new theatrical ‘toys’ that the collaboration with Hellicar&Lewis brings – it’s as close to magic as we’ve ever got!
With versions for adults and for families, the dark playspace craves your energy to come alive.

When will you follow the rules and when will you break them? What risks are you prepared to take? How will you know if you’re seeing the whole picture? It’s time to join the dots.

Invisible Treasure is a Tipping Point and Stories of Change Commission, with Ovalhouse; supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, the Sculpt the Future Foundation and Unity Theatre Trust.

Tickets are available priced £12 (£7 concessions) Available from Ovalhouse Box Office and, 020 7582 7680.


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