Regional Theatre: What Can It Really Offer You?


Regional Theatre. Yes a Theatre that  isn’t one of London’s West End or Fringe venues..revolutionary isn’t it?! Well no, because unless you live on a mountain in the remotest part of the UK, there will be a regional theatre in close proximity. 

I’m not going to preach to you the wonder of regional theatre, but simply what it can offer you, if you give it your attention. If you already do revel in the rewards of your local theatrical hub, then I hope you find these points a summary of why you are an avid supporter of them.

Innovative High Quality Productions

This is not of course a guarantee with every theatre, but there are some hidden gems by a wealth of incredible creative teams, just waiting to be discovered. Take a chance on a production, if it sounds intriguing then explore it by going to watch it.

Touring Shows

Missed a Show in the West End that you really wanted to watch because of lack of cash and/or finding the time to see it? The chances are it will be touring soon and at a theatre in your area, so check online! 

Variety of Cast Members

The wealth of actors cast in regional theatre productions is a treasure to behold. Lesser known actors, as well as more established ones, give audiences a variety, as well as new talent a chance to thrive.

Supporting Local Creatives

Schemes set up for local communities such as Doorstep Arts in Torbay, are a prime example of nurturing the creative energies and gifts that one area can possess. Local theatres are a way of being able to showcase this rich diversity.

A ‘Good Night At The Theatre’

Ultimately everyone goes to the theatre wanting to be entertained, feeling like they have seen something special and worthwhile. Regional theatres have on average shows with shorter runs than larger west end theatres, so they will more than likely have a show that will please every member of your family or friends.

Hope you have seen a reason or two to why your local theatre can give you an experience that will enrich and hopefully indeed inspire. 


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