What the audience don’t see..THAT pre-rehearsal snacking.


‘A cup of tea. Another. Oh, it’s 2pm, might as well have another with a slice of cake for a bit of sugar. Need to drink more water soon so I remember these lyrics.’ Maybe this is quite a familiar senario to you performers out there? Or not. I am cake obsessed, well not as much as I am with tea, that is without question. When you are a performer ( in my case a singer) and you have music and lyrics to learn, I find myself reaching for snacks to keep me going. 

I am not sorry when I say I don’t want to be munching on carrot or cucumber sticks, as this isn’t watership down and plus it will scratch my throat slightly (diva much?). My piano is a serving platter of goodies that happen to sometimes include sausage rolls and cakes, as well as fruit and relatively healthy snacks . Yes I know it’s bad for me and the “food police” will find my behaviour unacceptable, but I do believe it or not eat healthy a lot of the time, moderation also happens to be liberation!

I drink a lot of water, but it’s just when you find yourself not learning something to your self imposed ridiculously impossible schedule you reach for the tea..and a hob nob. It’s not comfort, ok it probably is comfort but when you are learning something at home before you start the actual rehearsal stages, it’s all about those bona fide home comforts (we all have them) 

I’m one of those really annoying slim people that even when I bemoan of putting on weight everyone groans, rolls their eyes and tells me not to be such a drama queen/ bitch. I have my insecurities like everyone else which as a performer you have about most things. ‘What did I sound like just now? or ‘Something isn’t right with my throat today’ are one of many scenarios you have go round in your head, so stressing about the odd snack when you are learning an incredible new work, seems really insignificant.

You know what? It’s ok to eat whatever you need to now and again to keep you going and feeling vaguely “normal”, when you are learning new material and you feel you are going round in circles or things aren’t going your way. If you can eat healthy a large majority of that time that’s amazing, if not don’t obsess! Here are five foods that if I need to be eating slightly healthier, when memorising new music, this is what I choose (but remember everyone is different with tastes and allergies etc).


2.Hummus on Pitta bread 

3. Dates 

4.Soya Yoghurt 

5. Fruit Tea and plenty of WATER


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