A Creative World: The House Made From Sticks


Structure. What is this alien word? When you are a creative, this is something that isn’t a staple in your vocabulary. This isn’t because of a lapse in mentality or focus -in fact the opposite, you have to expect the unexpected. This of course is the case in some other industries, but this is an absolute for the Arts.

Take the scenario of illness for example, if you are performing a self penned monologue and you come down with a case of the Flu, the chances are the performance will not go ahead as it is unlikely that a understudy will have been put in place (although this isn’t set in stone). If however, the production is a larger cast one, on a wider platform, there is usually some kind of back up plan in the form of the glorious understudy, often an unsung hero who really does embody the phrase ‘the show does go on‘. The worst case scenario is given a reality, if you like. Understudies certainly are a lifeline in case of illness or accidents with cast members.

There are so many things can occur whether it be electrical, structural or in many a case, mental. You know that voice in your head that says “help me I have no clue what has just happened but watching Empire would have been much more fun” Ok maybe that’s just me, but sometimes when things go wrong and not turning out the way you imagined due to reasons out of our control (or self inflicted), it’s really not as bad as you think. In fact this is normal. We love what we do with such a passion we worry about things that only we notice, mountain and molehill come to mind on many occasion- no exaggeration.

Another reason why the arts cannot be simply structured especially as a creative, is the small matter of interpretation. Everyone has a different opinion on a performance, to you it might be a disaster as the fact the lighting wasn’t the planned brightness is a fail. In fact this might actually improve the work to audience members, who don’t actually enjoy blazing lights in front of them!

Moral of the story: The three little pigs were all performers.


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