Love Theatre, Love Yourself 


With it being Love Theatre Day, a realization dawned upon me, that in my case of being both a performer and writer, loving theatre is also about loving yourself. This is in no way a “I’m bloody amazing bow down at my feet” sense, but more having enough self belief to think what you are doing is of a substantial calibre, that an audience want to experience it.

We have doubt about everything- from that plate of spaghetti in a restaraunt, to a relationship that has turned sour, which we can’t bring ourselves to face just yet. Having doubt about yourself is just another, but much larger, extension of this thread. This always overflows in to our work, making us doubt then not only ourselves, but our work, which in the arts, is never a seperate entity. 

This begs the question can we ever love what we are creating, if we as a whole, believe our ideas to be worthless or whimsical? The answer to this is YES. Yes because there is always hope in seeing beyond the crippling self doubt of singing that note perfectly or writing a line in a play that will have the same effect as Harold Pinter would.

At the risk of sounding as schmaltzy as Lassie saving a baby otter from being trapped down a well..Hope and love go to together like nothing else, a winning combination. As long as you hope to love yourself as a creative, it’s a step in the right direction, loving what you do as a creative, will be the flame that guides you on the right path. 

Who knew Love Theatre Day would evoke such a philosophical approach..!


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