Reflection Should Not Be The Exception


Being ill for a few days with the dastardly sore throat and cold- a singers version ten times more annoying than even the perilous man-flu (fact), I realised the good that I have in my life. No don’t worry I am not going to burst in to a rendition of ‘Wonderful Life’ by Hurts (a modern classic if I say so myself), as I have no energy for that sort of shenanigans. My innate positivity comes from the fact I have a lot to be happy about right now. With an exciting Christmas and 2016 ahead, with performing and writing, I am going to enjoy and live for the moment not just the chicken soup!

Sometimes on that worst day ever when nothing has gone right, you can salvage a little slice of rainbow and realise things are in fact not that bad. Here are some of my top tips for living for the moment and realising all the amazing things YOU have:

1 Stop

2 Think

3 Smile 

4 You are welcome 


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