Sometimes A Few Encouraging Words Can Make All The Difference


You have already put yourself down at least ten times today. Your voice sounds tired, you look tired and you’ve had enough, can’t it just be Christmas now? 

Sound familiar? Well if you are performer, then you will have probably had probably more self doubts today than you’ve had mince pies. This is simply because that’s what we do all the time, on loop. We wait for the wicked witch of the stress to be defeated by us, in a spectacular fashion. Like that’s actually going to happen. 

No, the remedy for temporary curing this crippling doubt in your head is something quite simple. It is someone actually giving you some positive feedback or praise (whichever description you prefer). I realised this, after performing in a show recently and receiving a beautiful letter from the Show’s organiser, it’s words and sentiment made me smile all day as a result. I can’t speak highly enough of the impact praise does to one’s soul. 

Being told what you are doing right is just as vital as what you can improve on, in the form of constructive criticism. Without sounding overly schmaltzy here, when you constantly have self doubt disguised by a confident persona, what joy fills your heart when you can just relax, breathe and say ‘wow I actually did that and they enjoyed it’

Giving enjoyment through your performing should be a definite perk of your career. Being told you’ve made a difference to someone or an occassion should make a difference to you too. Well I know it will, because it shows someone cares enough to tell you and those words will lift any performer like a crane and transport them, out of that darkness of their own mind and in to somewhere with more light. So your bad day is a thing of the past!

Praise written or spoken which is thoroughly deserved, will ALWAYS be welcomed.


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