There Is No Time Like The Present


The start of a new year, a new week, or even a new day, does two things to our minds as creatives. It can absolutely terrify us to the point of numerous cups of tea are consumed in comfort, or it can liberate. All the negativity or positivity you have felt previously is eliminated when you make a new start, but that has to be a conscious decision. If you want to sing that song, write that play or act those lines you have to think in the present not the past.

As a singer who sings at a lot of ceremonies and functions, I don’t always get a lot of notice about a job, which is something I love about being a performer. Unpredictability is something that excites me, not knowing what a new week will bring as every one is different, no time lingering on the one previously.

Of course I appreciate this sense of adrenalin and excitement at what is happening right now and every day being different is not for everyone. Course it’s not, but as a creative  I feel it’s something that should be celebrated as being one of the wonders of the life we live. Focus on the right now, as it won’t ever happen again. That smile you get when you’ve just written a play you can’t wait to see brought to life, that’s special. It’s what the present is all about.

Every day is different, embrace that, it’s what makes your life so unique.


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