Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me Embarks On National Tour

Following highly successful 2015 runs in Edinburgh and London, Made In China’s Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me now embarks on a UK tour. It exposes how we conduct our relationships amidst a reality that just won’t live up to what the movies promised.

A woman takes to the stage. A man watches from the wings. They both wonder if their love will survive what’s about to happen.

Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me is an arresting physical endurance act that crashes headfirst into an impossibly true love story – and out the other side. Based on the real relationship of Made In China’s founders Tim Cowbury and Jess Latowicki, it pierces the heart of intimacy and immediacy and defies you to watch in spite of yourself. Although based on the rawness of reality, Cowbury and Latowicki distance the story from real life and spin truth into fiction. We aren’t completely sure if it’s true.

Disarmingly honest and comically imagined, this disjuncture is typical of Made In China. Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me forces us to consider how much we can endure – in relationships, in society and in life.Between the dancing, terms of endearments and dizzy confusion two personalities emerge fighting to be heard.

During the show Latowicki puts words into the mouths of various audience members, asking questions and feeding the answers. We are part of this performance, of Latowicki’s mission to gain control. Is this scripted? Did she really just miss a line? How much of this is their real-life relationship? Who has the power here?

This is slippery and teasing, murderously entertaining and very, very uncomfortable to watch. Just as it is supposed to be. Because love is always a bit of a performance. (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian).

Made In China presents
Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me 

UK Tour – February – May 2016

Funded by Arts Council England. Originally commissioned by triggered@warwick and supported by Peggy Ramsay Foundation, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, Soho Theatre, The Place, Shoreditch Town Hall and Bios. Developed at National Theatre Studio and Cove Park via Fuel’s Jerwood Residencies.

Tour dates and ticket information can be found here


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