You Feel Discouraged But Restless? Don’t Rest.


Sometimes you feel so despondent about that casting or that gig you didn’t secure, you literally feel like just curling up on the sofa or submerging yourself in cookie dough, until you decide when to appear again to the world. 

Well the good news is so do a large percentage of other creatives feel this sense of melancholy, the bad news is…Ok you’ve done that now, so it’s time to get back on the wheel, keeping the creative and positive wheel turning!

What’s really helpful is making a two colum list, which entails writing of what you’ve achieved in one colum and what you hope to achieve in the future in the other. You decide the timescale to suit, so could be three months or could be three years- it’s entirely tailored to your needs.

This list might instantly improve your mood or it could take a while, but what it will do is ignite a sense of motivation, whether to work on past achievements or create new ones, in the timescale you’ve set yourself. Perhaps you will learn to sing in that language you’ve been meaning to undertake or perhaps you will write more comedic works in the next year.

The possibilities are vast and more importantly they are all yours.


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