Matt Fox Returns to Theatre N16 With His Deathly Love Story: The Life We Lived


The Life We Lived

February 7th – 11th 2016, 8.30pm, Theatre N16 

Award-winning playwright Matt Fox returns to Theatre N16 with The Life We Lived, a new dramatic love story set in a funeral parlour, for the London leg of a UK Spring tour.

“I was never sure where the play was going to end up, but I absolutely loved going on the journey” London Theatre 1

The Life We Lived follows the relationship between a funeral director and the woman who will eventually become a corpse in his parlour. An old fashioned love story in many ways; but with a strong helping of gallows humour. Two people find themselves together and live out a life of joy and tragedy, which will speak to the romantic and cynic in all of us.

The Life We Lived examines life & death, love & hate, potential & disappointment, through a gripping story which is both real and imagined. The gift that life brings, as well as the certainty that this gift will be wasted, are the crux of a piece which juggles morbid humour and gut wrenching poignancy.

“Matt Fox’s real-life inspired duologue is filled with truth and sensibility” Remotegoat
Matt Fox started writing for the theatre as a teenager when he joined a writer’s group at Plymouth Theatre Royal. He has written plays, operas and musical adaptations which have been performed in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. His play To Sleep was staged in the West End in September 2013 and toured the UK & Australia in 2014/15. His latest plays Family Play & The Life We Lived are touring the UK simultaneously from January 2016. 

His best known piece of work is Swindon: the Opera, which was written with internationally acclaimed composer Betty Roe MBE, and performed in July 2012.


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