So You’re A CREATIVE…? 


My elderly neighbour always asks me how my ‘piano is going?’ I always politely and with a smile, tell her I’m more of a singer and writer-she would go running for the hills if she heard my piano skills, to which she always chuckles and says I’m just modest. 

I adore this exchange, as even on her daily run of errands my neighbour asks me how my life is going, which sometimes can prove a tricky subject when people address you. With a mixture of awkwardness and trepidation many a conversation has resulted in me saying ‘lets talk about you’. This is simply to avoid having to try and explain what you’ve been working on, especially when it’s not easy to define, added with the fact people aren’t always as interested and enthusiastic as you are.

What seems to be the general misconception is that when you are a self employed creative, you sit and drink a lot of tea until you feel inspired. OK, I drink a lot of tea, as well as water to keep my throat hydrated, but I also have a lot of ‘making this happen’ time. MTH time consists of existing projects as well as future projects and putting things in to motion, whether through rehearsal or at earlier stages of development, such as writing and pitching. This applies to my singing and writing work, both exactly the same. The same level of seeking out and appreciating every opportunity I am given. 

Life is not pure glamour which is something I believe is the general consensus, I attend press nights for shows I’m reviewing and enjoy socialising, but I’m also ecstatic to be plotting away a project in my comfy clothes, with a slice of pizza.

Three constant states of mind when you are in the arts:


Overthinking some more 

Oh what the heck’ let’s overthink some more…

Yes you will more than likely doubt yourself and everything you are working on. It’s a given you will over analyse your most recent performance. It’s Ok, you arent alone you are the 99.999% who constantly do this and the other minority are zombies ( only joking zombies don’t exist..) 

When you have to define what you do or describe it, you probably like I do, say that I love being a creative, because that’s the truth I really do.


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