Waiting? Of Course You Are, You Are An Artist


Yes you’ve guessed from the title, this article refers to waiting. Something which I’m currently and not unusually enduring, which has inspired me to write this article. My particular state of waiting-ness is about the result of a casting. As you will probably well know whatever discipline you are in the arts, of course you have to make things happen for yourself, but you do a lot of waiting. There is no point denying this fact, it’s a fact. Chances are you are waiting to hear about a casting or project right now. Everyone has to do it, so that’s something that when you are feeling restless you can take comfort..It’s not just you.

Tips to make the time pass by that little bit quicker:

Keep Busy! Do I need to say more? Perform, write, network..horse ride! I was chatting to an actor/musician yesterday, who said that they had taken up horse riding as a way of relaxation, to take their mind off the stresses of their job. So whatever method works for you, do it.

Don’t Overthink

You haven’t had a Phonecall two minutes after that audition or an email thirty seconds after submitting that script? Don’t panic. Unless there is a race against time zombie apocolypse approaching, there is a high chance you won’t hear the decision straight away. So relax!

Remember You Are Not Alone

Everyone goes through this whether a dancer, actor, director, singer etc it’s just part of life. Your life. So embrace it, see it as exciting and share it with others you know are exactly in the same boat as you. 

Smile, a positive mind creates positive energy


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