Twelfth Night: Scena Mundi Mix High Fashion And Shakespeare, As Only They Can This Spring!


Twelfth Night by Scena Mundi

The French Protestant Church, 8-9 Soho Square, London W1D 3QD 

Tuesday 22nd March – Saturday 9th April 2016

Shakespeare’s much-loved comedy Twelfth Night is being given a fashion makeover at Scena Mundi this Spring. This three-week run will be a bold and finely crafted production that takes the Elizabethan style to a church catwalk.

Shipwrecked on the shores of Illyria and believing her brother Sebastian to be drowned, Viola decides to don men’s clothes to serve Orsino. Under the name of Cesario, she soon becomes a favourite of the young Duke and finds herself caught in a strange love triangle where ‘all is not what it is’.

Since its first performance on the day of the Epiphany in 1601, the lightness, fun and elegance of Twelfth Night have made it a favourite of theatre goers. The world of Illyria is one of disguise and narcissism where madness lurks under the surface. Viola’s arrival creates chaos and forces all to see beyond appearances to find their true identities.

Scena Mundi’s production focuses on the bitter-sweet mood of the comedy to enhance all its diverse aspects. Combining very precise work on text with highly elaborate costumes and clear story-telling, their Twelfth Night is an aesthetic rendition of a multi-facetted play about love, unruliness and self-discovery.

Director Cecilia Dorland comments:

I love which appearances are all important, yet depth of feeling is what matters in the end. I hope audiences will accept the challenge to come and see their own image in this shimmering mirror.

The French Protestant church is a hidden gem in the heart of Soho that offers a fresh challenge for Scena Mundi. Embracing the warm and imposing building the company will work with it to produce a show that is all the more powerful for being in this unusual setting.


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