Your Biggest Critic Is YOU  

I’m not going to write about believing in yourself and your ability in this article, as I do that a lot. No, instead I’m going to write about the reasons you shouldn’t constantly criticise yourself (ok probably the same thing essentially). 

The main reason you should not judge harshly your performance as an artist, is the fact there are plenty of other people that want that job. You get on with producing the best body of work you can and leave the job snaring to others. If you ignore everything else but creating something quite spectacular you can tell yourself I did my best, I gave 100%, that’s what you should always aim towards.  

Treat that creeping dress of being judged as fuel, fuel to make you more motivated to be create, achieve and inspire do not be critical about yourself because of others, be critical because of your thoughts on what needs to be improved. 

Enjoy what you are doing!!! That’s such a neglected aspect of the arts, people constantly worry about literally everything rather than enjoying everything. I know, enjoying every little note that cracks, or line you deliver that doesn’t sound convincing in your role, doesn’t sound an easy task. The truth is you will never be perfect as perfect does not exist.


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