“Lookin’ Good”- Appearance And The Creative 


For something that is subjective, we spend a HUGE amount of time thinking about our own physical appearance, or if not ours then it’s others in one capacity or another. Whether it be the size of our nose, our hair, our weight, hips, thighs, the list is infinite. We as human beings pick ourselves apart, which in itself needs to stop!

To make this scenario even more hopeless when you are a performer and someone else comments on your appearance you pick that apart, even when it’s meant in a positive way, you get your Suffragette hat on and take your high horse (maybe that’s just me). Mainly because as much as a compliment can sometimes be flattering, being told “looking good” or “brains and beauty” in relation to you as a creative IS patronising, as it has no bearing on your work. 

Does the fact someone thinks you are attractive, make what you have performed or written anymore of an achievement, as its a ‘novelty’ to be deemed attractive and intelligent? 100% HELL NO! 

What you have produced is an achievement because it’s the product of hard work and determination, please don’t ever forget that. You’ve spent many hours of your life, rephrasing or rehearsing a script to get it just right. Sung that line hundreds of times to get emphasis on that semi-breve, just the way you think it should sound.

Don’t put yourself down and don’t let anyone else belittle your achievement. You can be both brains and beauty, as beauty also comes from within. Remember you can be as many things in life as you want to be, don’t feel confined through convention or what’s expected of you, if you look a certain way. 

Just know the sky is the absolute limit.


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