Never Let Yourself Feel A FTTN

What’s a FTTN you may ask? Well a FTTN stands for Fascination Turned To Nothing. You know what I mean, you’re the ‘toast of the town’ or the ‘flavour of the month’ it seems, and then BAM! Nothing. This feeling can also occur in all aspects of your life, but we will focus here on your career in the arts.

Although it might feel as though you have been riding on the crest of a wave, chances are you haven’t been. In fact no one really does, yes things are going well, but you make yourself believe to an extent, things are better than they really are. This means when things suddenly aren’t as glorious, you are falling from a greater height off your own wave. If things had been going that well, you would be taking the good from the situation rather focusing now on the bad.

The moment you believe you have failed and become a FTTN, you will find yourself frozen in that mindset. OK, so things are suddenly a little quiet or you didn’t get that casting, but remember you are not a failure. Everyone has quiet points in their career, being a creative is unpredictable and that’s what makes it exciting. Use every possible negative as a positive step towards your next goal.

Remember a FTTN DOES NOT EXIST. Your future is worth getting excited about right now.


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