To Live Is To Say Goodbye: This Is Living At Trafalgar Studios 


Trafalgar Studios, 14 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DY Tuesday 17th May – Saturday 11th June 2016

Following a critically-acclaimed Edinburgh production in 2014, this award-winning debut play by Liam Borrett, starring Michael Socha (E4’s The Aliens, This is England, Being Human) and Tamla Kari (BBC’s The Musketeers, The Inbetweeners Movie, Versailles (Donmar)) is a poignant and relatable exploration of what it means to say goodbye.
Alice and Michael met six years ago. Three years later their daughter Lily was born. Now, in a Yorkshire meadow, just past midnight, they’re having an argument. Because Alice is cold, she’s tired, and Michael won’t stop telling her that she died twelve hours ago.

Dealing with themes of loss, grief and heartache, this intimate portrayal of a relationship forces us to examine our own lives. With only the simplest of lighting, the couple skilfully flit between the past and eerily into the present where their thoughts stay with us long after the curtain has closed.

Writer and director Liam Borrett comments,

 Saying goodbye has always interested me. Whilst it happens at different times to different people, the fact remains that it is an unavoidable part of life. To place two people in this situation, especially people with so much to lose in doing so, fascinated me. It is as impossible as it is unavoidable. If you were to stand opposite the person you loved most, knowingly for the last time, what would you say?

We soon realise that this is a family riven asunder by tragedy, but rather than dwell on cheap melancholy, we witness instead two loving individuals whose determination to grow with each other stretches beyond the grave. Although the story told here of their romance is slight, it keeps you guessing all the way, flipping from past to present in mid-sentence, slowly piecing itself together as the fragments of time join up (The Stage).

This production will be a reworked transfer of the original Edinburgh Festival 2014 production, which played at Bedlam Theatre in 2014. This run of the play received critical acclaim and won EntertainmentWise’s Best New Play award.

Press Night: Thursday 19th May, 7pm


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