Don’t worry, I’m not going to start preaching that we all as creatives should start loving each other (only if you want to of course, but that’s a whole different article). All I want to promote is respecting someone else’s achievement, rather than this attitude of belittlement if the person doesn’t fit YOUR template.

If someone used to be a personal trainer to Barney the Dinosaur and now is going to be in a new musical..that’s amazing congratulations to them! Maybe they had to do personal training to pay the bills. This job does not mean they aren’t skilled, they have had to earn a living somehow and perhaps they also enjoyed this job too as well as an arts based career. No one should have to explain themselves, or be made to feel like they should.

Embrace diversity, everyone’s individual skills as a performer, we are all different and all have individual abilities that go in our favour. Someone’s past or present work, unless they are a criminally evil psychopath, shouldn’t be a factor in casting. Whether they are a ‘household’ name, or instead they are totally unknown to the industry, should be irrelevant.

Demonstrating support for fellow human beings in this industry should not be optional, the audience are the ones judging us, not eachother. Show someone the respect for what they have achieved, as you would want to be shown as a creative. This philosophy goes a long way.


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