Off The King’s Road: Self Discovery After Loss, In The Best City In The World

Off The King’s Road

Jermyn Street Theatre, 16b Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6ST

Wednesday 1st – Saturday 25th June 2016 

After his wife’s recent passing, retired American Matt Browne takes a week’s respite in his favourite city, London. Checking into a small hotel, off the King’s Road, his stay unexpectedly turns into a voyage of self-discovery: life, death and the whole damn thing.

Starring Michael Brandon (Episodes, Jerry Springer The Opera, Captain America) and Cherie Lunghi (Excalibur, The Manageress, Strictly Come Dancing), Neil Koenigsberg’s exciting debut play comes to London after successful runs in New York and Los Angeles.

Having planned to spend his days contemplating his place in the world as a single, ageing man while enjoying the city’s culture, food, parks, museums and theatres, Matt’s time is suddenly taken up by an overly zealous, kind-hearted hotel clerk, a widow and an unforeseen connection with a prostitute from Zagreb. And, to top it all, his psychiatrist is 12,000 miles away in Beverly Hills!
Matt Browne’s world turns upside down as his seven day London sojourn tumbles into surprising places that certainly weren’t on his agenda.
Playwright Neil Koenigsberg comments, 

For years now I have loved all things London. My play conjures up the small hotels I’ve stayed at. My main character appropriately checks into intimate lodgings – it’s his first time in such an environment after years of staying in the
city’s larger, iconic places. In writing this play, I had a lot of fun with Matt desiring to partake in numerous cultural activities reflecting some of the things that I find so satisfying. Off The King’s Road has had fringe productions in New York City and Los Angeles. I was born and raised in the former and now live in the latter. But, for me, the biggest treat of all is to see the
play produced anew in London, where it takes place. A special shout out to our leading man Michael Brandon – we go back to high school days in New York. How crazy is that!


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