Exposure To Overlooked Stereotypes Through New Writing: UNDEREXPOSED At Old Red Lion Theatre

UNDEREXPOSED is a stimulating and entertaining evening that encompasses a series of short comedies, dramas and comedy-dramas exploring underexposed and overlooked stereotypes. Standardised preconceptions of certain ‘types’ of people exist across the wide spectrum of our population and yet surprisingly we mostly only question those most abhorrent and offensive. But what about those generalisations that don’t get met with immediate disdain, where the stigma does stick and which in many cases fly under the radar of what is considered unacceptable and in poor judgement?

From a sci-fi sex romp to a revolutionary granny and a new mother wishing the Goblin King would come and take her baby away, UNDEREXPOSED explores this premise from many different perspectives. Some more serious and others more light-hearted, the vastly varying voices of our contributory writers will variously have you recognising, questioning and in many cases laughing out loud at the preconceptions that you never really thought you might have.
UNDEREXPOSED is the debut, self-titled show from brand new theatre company Underexposed Theatre. Writers are Nick Myles, Mike Carter, Kaethe Cherney, Daisy Lucas, Laurence Vardaxoglou and Gabrielle Curtis. 

Directors are Nick Myles, Jo Greaves, Peter Bradley, Gary Beadle, Jonathon Carr and Kathleen Douglas. Actors are (in appearance order) Charlotte Nice, Nick Skaugen, Carole Street, Gabrielle Curtis, Connor Mills, DeVon Jackson, Stephanie Toghill, Danny Steele, Emily Bell, Amy Quick, Nick Pearse, Phoebe Batteson Brown, Freddie Wintrip, Reece Mahdi, Sophia Flohr and Ryan Wichert.


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