Sometimes You Just Can’t..

You know that feeling creatives, when everything in your career is going really well, amazing in fact, but you just can’t seem to raise a smile. You feel guilty about this fact and feel guilty you are feeling guilty, because you just can’t control it. The overwhelming feeling of being ungrateful takes over, but you can’t shake it off, simply because you feel you are failing at another area of your life.

You’re a disaster zone when it comes to relationships, you aren’t destined to be happy and the universe is against you. Sound familiar? You want a Wuthering Heights kind of love, you don’t want to settle for anything less. You think you’ve found that person who adores you, but alas, it’s another catastrophe, to add to the big list of them you have already accumulated.

We constantly worry about finance and finance oh and future finance. OK who doesn’t? But we do it a lot to the point where we can’t just enjoy what we are achieving, as we are thinking millions of light years in to the future as our work is unpredictable to say the least, although that’s part of the reason we do it.

I’m sure you are thinking either shut the hell up or oh, the above two paragraphs describe me. Chances are though, if you are in our industry, its unfortunately the latter reaction. For some reason we are toxic dynamite with an outer shell of gold. We as creatives seem to ‘have it all’ but we really don’t. We, for the most part, are an illusion, even to ourselves. It can be easier to focus on a glittering exterior, than the interior that is our worst own enemy-ourselves.

The light at the end of the tunnel is..We love what we do! Yes we adore what we do so much, we almost don’t care that we have a turbulent personal life and an empty bank account… most of the time. Focusing on the good we have in our lives may sound simple enough, but it’s sometimes the hardest thing to put in to practice. When you can’t raise that smile as you are worrying about everything apart from your achievements, don’t feel guilty, feel well, normal.


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