Confidence Is An Illusion In The Arts

Yes, shock horror, that person you watch ‘strutting their stuff‘ on that stage, without a care in the world, is probably a nervous self-doubting wreck. A quivering nervous self-doubting wreck inside at that. Everyone has issues and hang ups, that, for the sake of their career as a creative, they have to hide to some extent. 

Every writer, performer, creative team and quite possibly the world aren’t 100% happy about themselves, internally or externally. Everyone varies in extent, but doubts are a strong presence in all our lives. Whether we doubt our ability at what we are creating or simply ourselves.

It’s no secret image can be a demon in our head and a large enemy in our lives. We can become self aware and paranoid easily, especially when we feel we are being judged. Appearance is what we feel people notice first, so we cling on to that as our main fear eg our weight or tripping over on stage.

To counteract the nervous disposition we have regarding ourselves, we easily just become a character. Whether this is on stage, in our writing or what we are creating. This seems a lot easier and less damaging to ourselves we feel, than let this lack of confidence show.

We may look like we ooze confidence in this industry, but we are all blagging it like everyone else. Remember lack of confidence does not make you weak, it’s what everyone experiences at some point in their life.


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