Don’t Moan About It Creatives, Make It Happen

Perhaps there is a gene for complaining, that scientists are yet to discover, as everyone knows someone, who continually laments everything to do with their career in the arts….EVERYTHING. 

Ok, we all moan a lot, in this industry, whether it’s ourselves and the ‘injustices’ we think we continually face, other people, the state of the industry or just life in general. We think we have a right to berate our lives. No we don’t. No one has ‘the right’ to do anything, we are all in the same boat, all human beings and all in this industry together. Yes, at times it can be very tough, but being negative isn’t going to change anything. 

The fact is if you aren’t satisfied with something, don’t just whinge about it, do something about it. Whether this means creating your dream role by writing it, creating opportunities for those you think aren’t being represented in the arts, or making a stand against industry norms, you think need to change.

Don’t sit there on your smartphone or laptop, messaging and posting negativity, spread some positivity Right Now!


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