Decisions…No One Likes Making Them. Everyone Has To Make Them 

We spend a majority of our time, in our day to day life, making decisions. Of course there will be the do I have coco pops or toast? type dilemmas we all have to make, these are daily decisions that shape our short term future. 

Then there are the more profound decisions, that are made regarding our careers in the arts. These decisions can change our whole career and of course our lives. A lot of the time we make these decisions alone, usually as we feel no one else (unless in the industry), would be that interested if you accept a role or perform that song. You spend so much time contemplating things in your own head, it can be rather exhausting and even others in the arts, you hide this from.

Sometimes, it can feel a sign of weakness, if you take a while to make a realisation. It’s not that of course, you just need to consider how something will impact and hopefully enhance your life. We all say yes to things, hoping it will have some cause and effect, in some capacity. 

Remember, if you make a decision in your career that you regret, see it as an experience and lesson learned. Everyone is in the same position, everyone is frightened on a daily basis, whether they admit it or not, about a range of decisions they have to make. Do what is right for you as a creative.


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