Theatre503 Autumn Season Announced!

Theatre503 have released details of their autumn season, which as with previous ones, promises to be innovative and charismatic. Championing new writing, this theatre is a real sparkling gem in the London Fringe scene, that is undeniably red hot at the moment.

The diverse 2016 autumn season is as follows:

IN BLOOM and Theatre503 present
Screens (8th August – 3rd September)

Emine is more interested in a dead cat than her kids. Al is lost in Grindr, discovering that having a love life is incompatible with his incessant need to mollycoddle his ungrateful, acid-tongued sister. Ayşea is a fierce and intelligent young woman who is drowning in the mire of social media. Screens, a new play by Stephen Laughton, focuses on a Turkish-Cypriot family barely treading water, clinging onto a sense of self and identity as it suddenly begins to unravel.

Sally Knyvette in association with Theatre503 presents
Burning Bridges (13th September – 8th October)

When Sarah, a young woman with Asperger’s Syndrome, comes to visit her sister and brother-in- law, what starts as a fortnight of family holiday, spirals into a nightmare of accusation and intrigue. A love triangle with a dangerous twist, this moving and funny play explores the everyday dilemmas of a young woman living with autism; what to eat, what to watch on TV, and how counter the ever- rising tension building within the trio.

Tara Finney Productions and Theatre503 present
The Acedian Pirates (25th October – 19th November)

Jacob doesn’t know why he’s here. He’s been at war for 6 years, but nobody will tell him why. The Moon is upstairs and he wants so desperately to talk to her, but they just won’t let him. Will she be his salvation? The Acedian Pirates challenges our understanding of mythology, and forces us to ask vital questions about military occupation. 

Theatre503 presents a Sleeping Trees production of
Scrooge and the Seven Dwarves (22nd November – 7th January)

One cold Christmas Eve, the Ghost of Christmas Past visits Mr Scrooge and transports him back in time in a bid to make him change his wicked ways. But Christmas Past makes a minor miscalculation and takes Scrooge back too far – all the way back to the time of fairy tales. Realising the error, Scrooge tries to get home. But with only a handful of unruly dwarves to help, will he make it back in time for Christmas? Or will he be trapped in the kingdom of magic mirrors, pirates and golden- haired heroines forever?


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