‘Beauty’ And The Beast It Unleashes In A Female Creatives Consciousness 

You must get a lot of work being beautiful, and you know it”

I recently got told the above statement. It was by an elderly man from the audience, after I sung at a concert, who I believe, although extremely patronising, was not malicious in his comment, as he was also highly complimentary of my performance. But this got me thinking, would I have been told this if I was a male? No, I doubt that man would have made the same statement to him. 

I’m under no illusion, I know we live in a superficial society. I however find it always alarming the level of superficiality that seems to exist across age groups. Of course it would be a generalisation to say it’s everyone, but to an extent it is in some way. We all of course, find others attractive, most obviously partners and spouses etc, but that is totally different to judging someone and their whole skillset on physical appearance.

Being made to feel you only receive any sort of Arts work because of your looks, could very well be soul destroying. When you’ve worked hard for years and it’s paying off (as hard work always does), why listen to negativity that implies, because you are deemed attractive, that’s the only reason anyone employs you?

I don’t readily consider myself beautiful and find it heartbreaking that many females who are told that very statement, I base my article on, would take it seriously. Vulnerable or insecure females, who could interpret their worth in the arts as minimal due to such words, makes me so very sad. As I’m quite a resilient character I don’t let comments or sexist opinions upset me just make me more determined. 

My pledge to you if you’re reading this and get any such comment, please ignore it, you excel and work hard at what you contribute to the arts. Always remember that.


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