Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Yes, it’s that familiar scenario, we see someone we knew four hundred years ago doing extremely well with a glittering career and personal life. Only they don’t, it’s just what you have conjured up in your mind, as in reality you have no idea what their life is actually like. 

You have two options:

They have written a play…so can you! 

They have been cast in a role you would love…you still can play that role!

They have a large vocal repertoire..learn more songs then!


Just be you, yes I know it’s an ailien concept to many, but focus on your strengths rather than what you perceive as your weaknesses. Be proud of what you create and who you are. Your career in the arts will benefit greatly from this new outlook. The moment you realise that others have just the same struggles and insecurities as you, will be an epiphany. Everyone is in the same position and we should support eachother in the arts, not be envious of a life of another, that we only know about from the outside.

There is only one you, so start living YOUR life.


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