Female Performers: A Bullseye For Misogynists And Racists 

Being a female performer and writer, I sometimes receive patronising, sexist and sleazy comments, verbally and in written form from males. I am in no way saying this to gain sympathy, I’m stating a fact. This is something that makes me angry and I’m not afraid to talk about, as I make my voice heard in stating that it is not acceptable.

What stops me from being more sad than angry about it, is the fact that this is a small minority in our industry and there are many male industry figures that look past an ‘outer shell’ and see my ability, thus treating me with respect. 

The last two days I’ve read articles and social media posts tearing to shreds Taylor Swift, in fact it’s been even longer with her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston seemingly offending so many people, not to mention her large circle of friends. This added with the new alleged Kanye West song lyric saga, is just a long line of triggers, for a hungry press to devour Swift.

There was an article from a national publication that was documenting her ‘downfall’. Although it was berating those bullying Swift, it felt wrong to even have such a need for an article, as the only downfall is that of the press and social media. In essence the article was a summary of all the negativity that the press are whipping up against her, in terms of headings as well as nasty tweets.

Being a successful twenty-something female singer such as Swift, means to some, that they can outpour their ignorance and prejudice towards women at this individual. The idea of a woman staying at the top of their game and having a personal life, should not be an ailien concept. 

Today, in addition to Swift, the world woke up the news that Leslie Jones, one of the leading actresses in the new Ghostbusters film, had left Twitter. This is because of racial and misogynistic abuse, in the form of tweets and a fake account in her name, posting hateful content. 

Another incredibly talented female performer, targeted by this time mainly social media, Jones has spoken out of her anguish, which I think is such a good message to other females, targeted in different social media capacities. A non-tolerate attitude to this horrific abuse is the only way to stamp it out or at least make a gesture of unity.

Racial and misogynist abuse should not be suffered by anyone and female performers in the media, should as Jones, be able to speak out and express their anger at it. We need to all show support to eachother and make a stand against this abuse endured by women. It should not simply be tolerated.

As in Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off lyrics “The haters gonna hate..” but they have no reason to celebrate, as they will never win in any shape of form with their hate.


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