Give The Life You DO Have A Chance, It Might Surprise You..

Yes, we all wish sometimes we could go back in time and do things differently. It may be five years, it maybe twenty, but one thing is for certain…YOU CAN’T!! This might sound rather obvious, but the moment you actually realise that you have to start living the life you do have, you will, well, live it.  

In terms of being a creative, you may have always wanted to branch out in to writing comedy for example, so go for it, there is absolutely nothing stopping you. Just because you think you should have done this, say, ten years ago doesn’t mean you can’t now. Perhaps you are ready to write comedy now more than you were before. 

Stop the self pitying of I could have been… or I should have been x if I had put the effort in… Well you didn’t and maybe just maybe you didn’t for a reason, chances are, it wasn’t what you really wanted to do in life. If you still aren’t prepared to put that effort in now, then it definitely isn’t for you. 

Stop pining for so-called lost opportunities, focus on your life now, with what you have achieved and will continue to achieve in the future. Cherish and nurture it, but, most of all appreciate it.


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