Charlotte Josephine Receives Stage Edinburgh Award For BLUSH

Charlotte Josephine has received a Stage Edinburgh Award for her performance in BLUSH.

BLUSH is also written by Charlotte and is presented by Snuff Box Theatre. This fast-paced two-handed tells five candid stories about revenge porn and all its many victims. This angry, honest and heartfelt piece seeks to encourage and broaden examination of how the scarcity culture in modern society is fuelling our shame, encouraging the destructive belief systems that we are not enough. 

BLUSH is on until 28th August (not 16th) at Underbelly Cowgate at 6pm. 

Charlotte comments, 

Thank you very much for the Stage Edinburgh Award. It’s hugely flattering and really is testimony to the brilliant creative team who made BLUSH with me. There’s a lot of unsung heroes busting a gut behind the scenes. Huge thanks to everyone involved for their blood, sweat and tears and thanks to all the lovely audiences for all the support.

This exciting news follows Charlotte winning the inaugural ‘BBC Screenplay First Award’ in June, an award which was launched last year in line with BBC Films’ 25th Anniversary celebrations and is bestowed by BBC Films and BBC Writersroom. Now in their 21st year, the awards have developed a reputation for spotting acting excellence at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and for being the bellwether for the year’s hottest shows. 

 Founded in 1995 by The Stage to celebrate the best performances each year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – and formerly known as The Stage Awards for Acting Excellence at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – the awards celebrate the richness and diversity of acting on the fringe, from solo shows to ensemble pieces.



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