Cuttin’ It Fine At Ed Fringe 

I arrived back in London yesterday, to the sounds of angry people in the street and polluted air. The dream was over, the Theatre eutopia I had spent the last week emersing myself in, was a distant memory…OK, that was rather dramatic, but hey, that’s what I do for a living! 

I spent the last week performing in the play Shakespeare Tonight at Paradise In Augustines. What I feel the week really highlighted to me was a commaradery between shows, the fact you felt comfortable as a fellow artist, to just literally approach cast and creatives of other shows and express how much you enjoyed their production. A support network like no other, that seemed to symbolise everything that is right in theatre.

Being constructive not destructive may be my motto, but it’s something that seems easy to push to the back of ones mind unfortunately, when in a production. This in respect to creatives being so one track minded in succeeding in their own work, they forget to take time to appreciate the work of their fellow creatives, in other shows.

We need to adopt this attitude no matter where we are, let other creatives know if you enjoy their work. Tweet, Facebook etc to make your voice heard in a positive light. Obviously this is separate to writing a review, but if you enjoy something let those people who have dedicated months of their life to a project know. A few kind comments can mean the world.

Thanks Edinburgh Fringe, for symbolising all that can be wonderful in Theatre, if we work together positively.


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