I Will Have My Cake…And Eat It

I listen to Justin Beiber ,now again and sometimes I listen to Vaughan Williams….

Where am I going with this, you may be asking, or you’ve become so confused, you have made yourself a cup of tea ( or both, I expect). My point with this article, is that being a female in the arts, you are constantly judged, on pretty much every decision you make. 

Yes, there will be a stampede to say so is everyone else judged, but in my opinion, female artists are judged on everything from appearance to dating decisions, like it actually affects their work. NO IT DOESN’T. And it also has no reflection on their IQ, if I for example want to listen to Aqua’s Barbie Girl on repeat for four hours, while I write a playscript, then I can as it has no negative consequence on my writing but why should it?

We can be many things, amazing contradictions that should not be judged by those ignorant to believe that a female artist, who they deem attractive, is somehow, inferior to one they do not. This is something that is infuriating, as you do not want or should, be seen as anything less than you are because of it. 

You can be dressed in sequins, rockin’those killer heals and be creative mind to be reckoned with, don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel anything different. Having to write this is pretty sad, admittedly, but still in the 21st century, unfortunately it is necessary.

Sorry if you were expecting cake, there is always the GBBO.


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